Digital short stories


Story: Visualized

is the motto and mission statement of SVA’s groundbreaking MFA in Visual Narrative program, where the artist is author. From animation and video to comics and picture books, these digital short stories and their accompanying physical artwork are the culmination of the students’ work in visualizing stories that showcase their wide array of talents and distinct authorial voices.

01 Los Conejos de Carmen – Carmen’s Rabbits by Alexandra Beguez

Los Conejos de Carmen – Carmen’s Rabbits

by Alexandra Beguez

In a small suburb of La Havana lives Carmen, her husband Lazaro and her father, Miguel. Although their situation is better than most, Carmen is desperate to join the rest of her family in the United S

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02 Beenee Abroad: Nippon by Jon Bero

Beenee Abroad: Nippon

by Jon Bero

On his first trip to Japan, Beenee, a disgusting and accident prone creature, finds himself in the adult entertainment district of Tokyo.

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03 Sunny Day by Rosa Chang

Sunny Day

by Rosa Chang

Sunny Day is an autobiographical graphic novel by Rosa Chang depicting a significant moment when she turned five years old.

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04 Melt by Anelisa Garfunkel


by Anelisa Garfunkel

Melt is a short film about two sisters who reluctantly join forces on an adventure through the frozen streets of their small New England town.

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05 Brunch by Barbara Geoghegan


by Barbara Geoghegan

Emilia is a dreamy, spacey girl who is hung up on her ex-boyfriend. In an effort to cheer her up, Emilia's friend Roberta invites her to start attending a weekly "Brunch Club".

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06 Close To Idnight by Ethan Gould

Close To Idnight

by Ethan Gould

Mina Darkly, a quick-to-action girl, and her calculating best friend Nik have to navigate the urban world of Idnight, a spooky, wintry city connected to the "Real World" by a single individual.

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07 Red and The Wolf by Masami F. Kiyono

Red and The Wolf

by Masami F. Kiyono

In a small village on the edge of the woods lives a crafty girl named Red, who loves nothing more than being in the forest.

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08 Spooked by Rachel Mersky


by Rachel Mersky

'Spooked' is an animated short steeped in traditional summer camp ghost stories.

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09 The Cat Burgler by Andrea Schmitz

The Cat Burgler

by Andrea Schmitz

A humble Burglar's routine robbery goes awry when he is forced to steal a cat along with his prize.

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010 Grown by Walter Tyler


by Walter Tyler

Grown is a children's picture book about a young boy whose determination to attain the responsibilities of adulthood is tested when he meets a spirited girl who just wants to play.

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011 Josephine by Luísa Ulhoa


by Luísa Ulhoa

Josephine, the siren of equality is a Rio carnival project about Josephine Baker. Carnival in Rio is a storytelling device few people know that uses costumes, music and floats to narrate.

012 The Unicorn in the Tapestry by Traci Zaretzka

The Unicorn in the Tapestry

by Traci Zaretzka

A shy, imaginative young girl meets a unicorn from a museum's tapestry.

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