RisoLAB welcomes Sarula Bao!

A big welcome to the newest member of the RisoLAB family! Sarula Bao is a Chinese-American illustrator and graphic novelist based in Brooklyn. She graduated from RISD in 2016 and …    More

Story Of/ will stretch your storytelling muscles

We are excited to announce that applications for the 2019 Story Of/ workshop are now open! Story Of/ is created and produced by Nathan, MFAVN alumna Jenny Goldstick, and Joan …    More

Elizabeth Gu’s Misbelief: Aquarium

See ‘Aquarium’ here Aquarium is a series of 3 animations with ordinary mundane occurrences that reimagine the outlines of people’s clothing as a window to unexpected otherworldly environments. It is based …    More

Misbeliefs: Watch Maggie Vicknair’s piece on 411

Matt Rota teaches the Analog to Digital class for MFA Visual Narrative. This year, the students told the story of a personal misbelief. Misbelief is a series of short narratives …    More

WATCH: Handowin HE’s ‘Misbelief’

Once upon a time, there lived an unhappy boy, thinking of escaping from this sad world all the time. The other night, he had a dream that he became a …    More

MFA Visual Narrative Info Session – November 8, 2019

Register for a spot here Hello Storytellers! In the MFA Visual Narrative program, creative writing and image-making are considered a single language—visual storytelling. Only when we have mastered this language, …    More

Join us at SPX 2019!

We’ll be at Table N8 for SPX this year! Come say hi to students, alumni, and faculty anytime. We’ll have our work on display and would love to see what …    More

Andrew Taylor’s “With Mary Gone”

“With Mary Gone” is a true story about my family’s struggle to feel at home while dealing with the ever-present threat of a violent and unpredictable neighbor. Andrew is a …    More

Join us at MoCCA 2019!

Are you going to MoCCA this weekend? We are! We’ll be hanging out with our students, alums, our Risolab team and anyone from School of Visual Arts who can stand us talking about story for …    More

Public-Eye Alumni: Melissa Malzkuhn (Class of 2015)

The Latest On Melissa Malzkuhn Melissa was accepted into the inaugural Obama 2018 Fellows class!  Obama Foundation ran a story on their site about her work on literacy for deaf children Won NSF EAGER grant for …    More

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN! Summer 2019 awaits. Apply now!

MFA Visual Narrative wants YOU! We’ve opened the application process and we can’t wait to see what you have to show us. Join our community of hard-working storytellers. Here’s MFAVN …    More

Interview with Ana Lozada, creator of ‘Failed State’

Ana Lozada (MFA Visual Narrative, Class of 2019) is a Venezuelan illustrator, designer and visual storyteller originally based in Osaka. Due to her diverse international experience, her influences range from …    More


REGISTER HERE Join Nathan Fox, Chair of MFA Visual Narrative and learn about the MFAVN curriculum and our philosophy and approach to visual storytelling, and meet faculty, alumni and current …    More

The Class of 2018, Masters of Fine Arts!

We bid farewell to the Class of 2018, a group of talented and hard-working storytellers. We look forward to all the tales you’ll tell, the lives you’ll improve, and the …    More

‘And Then…’ 2018: The people!

We’ve seen peeks at the show’s installations but now let’s remember the people who attended our annual thesis show. Thanks to all who came out to enjoy the storytelling, the …    More

‘Coupling’ by Shannon O’Halloran

“Coupling” is a 103 page book of personal text and photos by Shannon O’Halloran (Class of 2018). It explores intimacy within a modern artistic relationship. Limited Edition of 25 signed …    More

Journey to ‘And Then…’ 2018

It’s been one hell of a trip, but the annual thesis show for MFA Visual Narrative’s Class of 2018 is here! Let’s check out some moments that really capture the …    More

Abigael Puritz’s ‘Anastrophe’

Abigael Puritz’s ‘Anastrophe’ Following a Digital Dark Age, where most of the data on the internet was lost, the society of 2063 has moved on to a world populated by …    More

WATCH: Ethan Gould’s PERICARDIA promo

PERICARDIA is Ethan Gould’s thesis story. This video gives you a peek at what you’re in for. Be prepared! Ethan is asking the questions “What if a city never stops …    More

CLASS: RISO Printing: Zines and Small Publishing

The past few years have seen an explosion of zines and small publishing among artists, designers and photographers. Even the most digitally based creative professionals are embracing the zine as …    More

CLASS: Risograph: Focus on Photography and Graphics

Imagine the interface of a photocopier with the image quality of a highly detailed screen printer, printing at incredible speed-this is the Risograph duplicator. The speed and capacity enables student …    More
Architecting the Story

NEW CLASS: Architecting the Story

Our new Continuing Education class Architecting the Story is taught by Director and producer, Christina Roussos. Ready to immerse yourself in your work, find a community and contextualize your ideas? …    More

Watch the MFA Visual Narrative Info Session!

We streamed our Info Session on Facebook Live. What a blast! If you missed it, no problem. Just watch the replay here. If you have any questions about our program, …    More

MFA Visual Narrative partners with Pop-Up Magazine!

 Pop-Up Magazine will be in NYC 10/30 at Lincoln Center! The MFA Visual Narrative program is proud to partner with Pop-Up Magazine, the live storytelling event heralded by the New York Times as …    More

How much fun did we have at PlayNYC?

This much! All images taken at Death by Audio Arcade who make game cabinets! PlayNYC was a blast! We can’t wait to go back next year. Check out all of …    More

Bruja, by Michelle Nahmad

Michelle’s Artist Talk, July 18th, 6pm at 209 E. 23rd St Come to the closing reception on July 21st, same time and place! Bruja is the thesis story by Michelle …    More

Ana Lozada’s ‘The Mountainpath’ #DSS2017

Get your free tickets to the Digital Short Story 2017 reception at SVA! Ana Lozada is a Venezuelan illustrator, designer and visual storyteller originally based in Osaka. Due to her …    More

Jenny Bee’s ‘Equivoque’ #DSS2017

Get your free tickets to the Digital Short Story 2017 reception at SVA! Jenny Bee has a great story to tell and she’s telling it in an interactive way. (Head …    More

Embracing the Mess by MFAVN’s Liz Enright

Last Fall, if asked about how my thesis project was going, my mouth would have landed somewhere between a grimace and a smile. The thesis committee had given my pitch …    More

Thomas Slattery’s ‘Aura’ will freak you out

Aura is an immersive storytelling experience, told through items and sounds in the environment. Rooms will be created virtually in Unity, allowing exploration in a virtual space. 2026. In New …    More

Barbara Geoghegan presents ‘Rona’

Rona is a selkie, a young woman who can turn into a seal. Lonely and isolated within her own selkie pod, Rona grows interested in a nearby island inhabited by …    More

Alexandra Beguez presents ‘The Offering’

The Offering is a cautionary tale about how relationships change over time, facing the consequences of your actions, and finding your place in the universe. Maite lives on Talus, the …    More

Masami Kiyono presents ‘Happa’

Mako is an ambitious half-Japanese half-white New York college student with the annoying ability to see spirits wherever she goes. This power becomes debilitating when she starts fighting with her …    More

Walter Tyler presents ‘The New Barn’

The New Barn is a children’s book and interactive website that tells the story of a 19th-century barn raising from the perspective of the farmer’s seven-year-old son. In an age …    More

Presenting the Sweaty Palms comic anthology!

We’re so proud to support Liz Enright, MFAVN student, on her latest publication, Sweaty Palms! She and her partner-in-comics Sage Cofey are gathering some of the brightest talent in comics in …    More

Andrea Schmitz presents ‘Door’

Door is the story of Gaia, a stubborn teenager who has just moved into a creepy house with her mother and is determined to hate it, despite her mother’s reassurances. …    More

Setting up the 2016 thesis show, ‘And Then…’

2016’s And Then… show was an excellent example of immersive storytelling. Each graduating student has been charged with showing their story in a way that engages the audience. You’ll have …    More

Welcome to our new students! Profile of Shannon Oertle.

Shannon Oertle is the latest new MFAVN student under the spotlight. Shannon’s work struck us as whimsical, with a wonderful sense of childhood. Her application’s imagery and storytelling give us …    More

Nathan Fox hits The Mermaid Parade 2016!

We were delighted to hear that Nathan Fox was chosen to do the poster (above) for The Mermaid Parade in Coney Island The annual tradition, now in its 34th year, …    More

Welcome to our new students! Profile of John Baker

We’re welcoming our incoming class, the Class of 2018! We’re so fortunate to be working with such a group of talented storytellers. Next up is John Baker, whose work is eye-catching. …    More

2016 MFA Thesis Exhibit

  RSVP for free tickets to the reception here Join us for the next showcase of our third year students. We’ll see work by Alexandra Beguez, Jon Bero, Anelisa Garfunkel, Barbara …    More
Jenny Goldstick Sketchnotes

Indiecade: Sketchnotes by Jenny Goldstick

Jenny Goldstick, our sketchnote reporter-at-large, attended Indiecade, an event dedicated to celebrating independent games. She came back with amazing insights into gaming, comics and interactive storytelling. From Sequential to Interactive: Visual …    More

Apologies for today’s database glitch

Due to a database glitch, our admissions department sent out acceptance emails to a large number of people. We’re so sorry for the mistake. We’re in the process of making …    More
Warren Link sketch of Nathan Fox

Warren Lin sketches The Boss (MFAVN boss, in this case)

MFAVN’s Chair, Nathan Fox, recently spoke at MICA, where illustrator Warren Lin took some sketch notes. Warren definitely captures something about Nathan. An energy, maybe. Hard to pinpoint it. But …    More

What’s your digital identity?

Our Current Mess I like the image above because it’s how I feel when I wake up in the morning and put on my marketing cap and get on Facebook. …    More

MFAVN presents Visualized: Climate

How can storytelling help us manage climate change? MFA Visual Narrative, in partnership with the 2014 Visualized conference, presented a panel discussion, led by Paul Miller, that focused on the …    More
Anna Eveslage photographer storyteller

MFAVN talks to photographer (and alum) Anna Eveslage

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Anna Eveslage to talk about photography, constructed visual narrative and her thesis project, Eating Alone. In the podcast we discuss one piece …    More

Five innovative storytellers to watch

There’s enough storytelling talent out there to choke Galactus. Yes, that Galactus. Everywhere you look you see stories that can pull you in and keep you in. If you’re not careful …    More

Join us for our Winter Info Session online

NOTE: This event has ended. Thanks for coming! If you missed it, sign up for our newsletter to get news on our events. We’re ready to answer your questions! We …    More

Alison Paul and students mural up UConn

Alison Paul, Class of 2015, was a fantastic student who happens to also be an excellent teacher! Here’s a video showing off one of her class projects at UConn. From …    More

The best comic books of 2015

2015 has been another great year for comic books. The art form itself continued to rule much of our cultural discourse as movies, TV and games flooded our lives. But …    More

Thanks for coming to our Riso PRINT SLAM show!

We had a blast hanging out with you at the PRINT SLAM show! “It was really inspiring to see RisoLAB take shape over the past few months,” Nathan Fox, Chair …    More

Welcome Lisa Cron!

We’re delighted to announce the newest member of the MFAVN family, Lisa Cron! Lisa has worked in publishing at W.W. Norton, as an agent at the Angela Rinaldi Literary Agency, …    More

Join Nathan Fox at our next Info Session

Come one, come all! We’re running an Info Session for the 2016 registration period. Info Sessions are designed to give you a deep look at what MFAVN is all about. …    More

We have one second to get your attention.

As storytellers, one of our ongoing tasks is to stay aware of what our audiences are up to. Apparently, a lot of us multitask between 2+ screens so it can …    More

Join us for the second Risograph Open House

The first Open House was such a success that we’ve decided to do another one! Join us for a Risograph party for the ages! Exaggeration? That’s up to you! Oh …    More

Say hi to our faculty at SPX 2015!

Our faculty is all over the place these days. Not in a scattered kind of way, but in a how-can-we-possibly-keep-up kind of way. Luckily, we can say with certainty that …    More
Photo by Gabriele Holtermann-Gorden

Our inaugural class! Looking back (Part 1)

We’ll be doing some reflection in the coming weeks as our inaugural class, the class of 2015, finish their theses. I’m a sentimental guy, so I spent an hour browsing through …    More

SPX 2015 is MFAVN-heavy!

Be sure to swing by SPX 2105 Table F2 and say hi to Feifei Ruan, Jenny Goldstick, Ryan Weber, Craig Coss, Alexandra Beguez and Masami Kiyono! They’ll have their latest projects on hand and we …    More

NEW CLASSES ALERT! Workin’ on the Riso.

We have some exciting plans in store this Fall and they have a lot to do with RISO! Two, two-color Risograph (Riso) Duplicators to be exact! What’s a Risograph? Can you eat …    More

Tell stories together

One of the lessons we live by every day at MFAVN is often overlooked by many…“Work on your stories with other people.”It’s risky. It can be painful. It can also …    More
Cady Juarez NO|ON

NO|ON 2015: Cady Juarez’s “Intervention”

What is NO|ON? Short for “Narrative Object, Objective Narrative” it embodies the idea that every object contains its own narrative and every successful narrative strives for a unique objective. For the annual …    More

NO|ON 2015: Mary Georgescu’s “Undercurrents”

Mary GeorgescuWhat is NO|ON? Short for “Narrative Object, Objective Narrative” it embodies the idea that every object contains its own narrative and every successful narrative strives for a unique objective. For the …    More

Eric Baker joins the MFAVN family!

We’d like to welcome our newest faculty member, Eric Baker! Eric is a designer, writer and educator and is principal of Eric Baker Design Associates, Inc., a design firm established …    More

Jennifer Daniel (Designer) has on her Tips Hat

Jennifer Daniel (MFAVN faculty) has joined forces with Medium to pen an advice column for fledgling designers! Joined by Tim Brown, Liam Brown, Erika Hall and other designers, Jennifer will …    More
Benjamin Marra

MFAVN Podcast: Benjamin Marra

“I’d like every panel of my comic books to change the story,” Benjamin Marra (Blades & Lazers) tells us. Reading Marra’s comics is like being swept down a water slide. …    More

Digital ID: Who do you think you are?

Who do you think you are? That particular phrasing is usually reserved by someone who’s offended by a presumptuous statement. As in, “Who the #&#^ do you think you are?” …    More

Research sites for your story

Research is a delight for some and a sin for others. It can enhance your story when you do the right amount. It can stop it in its tracks when …    More

The death of posterity

Will someone read your book in 218 years? Will an historian stumble on your illustration in 2156? Now, more than ever, we have the tools we need to preserve the …    More