And Then… 2022 exhibit is now open to the public

School of Visual Arts presents “And Then . . . 2022,” a thesis exhibition of visual stories by five graduates of the MFA Visual Narrative class of 2022, curated by faculty Anelisa Garfunkel and Christina Roussos.

The exhibition will be on view from Wednesday, July 6, through Monday, July 25, at the SVA Gramercy Gallery, 209 East 23rd Street.

The reception will be held on July 22nd at 6PM.

Artists featured in this exhibition are Laura Brown, Binhua Chen, Porad Gasan-Zade and Oret Peña and Morgan Sawyer.

Curator Statement:

“The projects in this exhibition will take you from the streets of New York to the forest floor to a distant planet of strangely familiar creatures. They will show you the world through the eyes of a girl who must confront the magic within and a woman who must confront the specters of a past life. You will meet a tiny mushroom braving violent societal structures, a girl who chooses to leave home to learn how to write her own story, and a man forced to journey in aid of an alien creature. All of these characters, no matter where they come from or where they find themselves, leave comfort in favor of discovery. They shed what they know to change the world around them and achieve something greater than themselves individually.

“We hope that, together, these stories—and the thesis show that they are a part of—will give us back some of what we have missed in these past three years and introduce us to people, worlds and stories that we have never known before.”

Reservations must be made to attend this exhibit.


Credits in order of image appearance:

Logo by Jacquelyn Kirby ’21
Morgan Sawyer, Mushroom Trip, 2022, digital illustration
Oret Pena, Magic Girl Leila, 2022, digital illustration
Porad Gasan-Zade, Hatland Oddities, 2022, digital illustration
Laura Brown, Falling, 2022, digital illustration
Binhua Chen, Xuis Coming, 2022, digital illustration