Severed Ties

Driven by fear, Liev bends but never breaks, as he struggles to find refuge from his mother's murderer, the Viscount Jairo. Motivated by his newfound friend, the Princess Juliana, Liev faces his fear More


Neil Wren, a self-hating mindreader, lies about his true identity to everyone including his fiance Lisa. Neil's academic research advocates for mindreaders, but his private life is riddled with More

Pepin the Ice Cream Man

Pepe lives in a land where it's always winter. After traveling to someplace warm and trying ice cream for the first time, he wants to bring the delicious treat to the people of his homeland where... More

Close To Idnight

Mina Darkly, a quick-to-action girl, and her calculating best friend Nik have to navigate the urban world of Idnight, a spooky, wintry city connected to the "Real World" by a single individual. More